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Season 1, Episode 9

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How many zeros are in a trillion, how many cells do you have??  And how many cells does the world’s largest person have???  And, WOW, how much of YOUR body is made up of bacteria???  This is a germ of a good idea, let it multiply and grow, like a pleasant itch you have to scratch.  And—what could Dr. Meredith possibly say that would earn him a bonus 5 points??  And will that be enough to garner hi the coveted golden banana??  Welcome to episode 1.9!

Our students in this episode are:

Eddie Werner is an educator with expertise in 4H training that eh shares with comedy audiences.  His performance on this podcast marks his first ever appearance on this new fangled thing we call “the internet.”

Sean Sullivan is an up-and-coming comedian from Kent, Ohio. His smart, dry style has been recognized in multiple contests and scholarships as one of the comedians to watch. You can follow him @ImASeanSullivan on Twitter from information on upcoming shows and 140 character thoughts.

Andy Meredith is a computer specialist, comedy specialist, and ordained minister based in Northeast Ohio.

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