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Season 1, Episode 8

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Today’s class is confronted by one of the weirdest urban legends in the world (do electric fans kill people?) and one of the weirdest hypothesis in science (what do you know about the aquatic ape theory??).  If you know movies, you might do better than these students, as they tackle some of the worst horror films of all time.  Is there any creature if made giant that is LESS scary??  Questions about giant monsters, maybe, but the grades in this class are REALLY frightening, because of how tiny they are!  Who will earn the coveted golden banana?

Jeff Frey is a dysfunctional army veteran with only child disorder. He can be seen around the Toledo area at various open mics.

Matt Theisen is a former Chicago-area actor and Lake Erie College Instructor currently residing in sunny Savannah, GA where he is pursuing an MFA in Performing Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  His Facebook is

Jeff Miller is a student at the University of Toledo.

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