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Season 1, Episode 7

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This year at the 2013 Cleveland Comedy Festival we were able to record a special episode featuring several of the participating comics.  We had such a blast we wanted to get it out as a special episode, so here it is, our way of ringing in the New Year with you.

What was the name of the famous freighter that sank on Lake Erie in 1975, and what was the name of the famous song about the famous freighter that sank on Lake Erie? Or, do you know which country is the current reigning gold medalist of Rugby?  Don’t worry, they didn’t know either!!  And we try to figure out what trivia actually is…Nonetheless, one of them will receive the coveted class room prize, the Golden Banana, if only by default!

Justin Golak is a Columbus-based stand-up comic.  Follow him on twitter @JustinGolak or check him out on tumblr at for longer form nonsense.

Jeremy Sheer is an articulate junkie who gets paid to yell at people.  You can catch him being a bastard at Corner Pub in Lakewood Mondays and Jinna's Hookah Cafe in Cleveland Saturdays.

Andy Meredith is a computer specialist, comedy specialist, and ordained minister based in Northeast Ohio.

Robert Coleman, Jr is a very funny man, find him on Facebook: 

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