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Season 1, Episode 5

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Our quest to combine edutaining trivia and facts with comedy and wit continues stronger than ever!  In this installment our students confront a movie myth—is it bad to have sex before a sporting event??  And, if you worry about your weight, where is the best place on earth to weigh yourself?

Bill Boronkay  was once one of the country’s fastest rising sportscasters, winning 5 Emmy’s (one of which is proudly displayed in his mother’s office behind a lamp).  After a failed audition with ESPN (a mirror was involved), Boronkay reevaluated his career and took off in lukewarm pursuit of his true 14th dream, and stand up.  Look Bill up at: and twitter & fb ( @billboronkay, facebook/billboronkay).

Eddie Werner is an educator with expertise in 4H training that he shares with comedy audiences.  His performance on this podcast marks his first ever appearance on this new fangled thing we call “the internet.”

Brandon Stroud back for his second class, maybe this time he’ll learn something!  He is an experimental Performance Artist and Poet from Cleveland, Ohio. He says, "Don't think inside the box, don't think outside the box, think, there is NO BOX."  See more about his work at (


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