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Season 1, Episode 4

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After 20 years of teaching, I’ve never seen a class without a head before, but in this class the students try to figure out what you can do without one.  We find out how many ways these students know how to say “I love you.”  And, although our students are not expected to say the pledge, they are expected to know the history of the US flag.  Is there anything these four guys get right??  One of them will be awarded the coveted classroom prize, The Golden Banana!

Keith Bergman is a heavy metal maniac from Toledo, Ohio with a heart of gold.  Visit his website:

Anthony Martinez is a young Latin American comic with a twisted point of view.  Like him on Facebook:

Steve Wherry combines his two loves, comedy and wine, as a wine salesman in the Northwest Ohio market.  His Facebook page is at:

Mike Szar is the Tsar of Comedy, and you can find out why at


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