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Season 1, Episode 3

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Episode 3 features a wild brand of weird questions and weirder students.  What do you know about the Moon?  Or Theia?  Other topics that befuddle the assembled students are:  What two famous roles did Sean Connery turn down?  Is anything else in this crazy world real, anyway?  Who will win the coveted Golden Banana classroom prize--and which student gets the world's first DD?

Our students in this episode are:

Chili Challis: Former writer for Jay Leno and The Tonight Show. A national headliner who tours the country, Chili is also known as one of the country's top comedy teachers, running his Comedy Dojo. Visit his website:

Ed Bartko: Ed is just a regular guy bitching at the world in his own funny way.
You can find me Ed Bartko on facebook or at my website

Jim Jay Blackhawk: This Native American comedian is taking back the country one stage at a time.

Eric Urban: Musician and social commentator who believe life is just monkeys throwing crap at monkeys.
Find him on Facebook: <>.


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