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Season 1, Episode 21

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Americans are famous for their lack of knowledge about world geography, do YOU know what border has the most crossings per year?  The grades will be especially harsh if these students don’t know anything about one of the USA’s closest allies!  Sports fans watch ESPN every day, but what do you really know about it?  And young ladies, lovers, and Frenchmen love flowers, but here’s an odd question:  which came first, flowers or dinosaurs??  Flowers may indeed blossom, but if these grades don’t flourish how will I, you’re humble professor, pick one to receive the coveted classroom prize, The Golden Banana?

Dan Brown Is that rare combination, comedian-banker.  Look him up on Facebook:

Jake Solomon is the director of in-game entertainment for the Cleveland Monsters and a comedian.  Facebook him:

Cami Blanchard is the Director of Equine Studies Recruitment at Lake Erie College and part time comedian.

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