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Season 1, Episode 17

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Who supposedly “took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks”?  Don’t know?  Neither did these students!  Do you know when and where batteries were first invented?  NO?  Neither did these students!!  Before modern psychology and medicine Europe had the theory of the four humours.  Can you name them, and their supposed effects??  Don’t worry, neither can these students.  In what might be a first, the Professor has to make a life changing decision, Whether or not any of these students have earned the right to claim the coveted classroom prize, the Golden Banana.

Our students in this episode are:

Richard Keay is an actor and chemist at a peanut factory.

Marty Drexler Inner city HS math teacher for 16 years, part time stand up comic for almost 4 years, published author (Almost Joke Book).  Stand up accomplishments include winner summer 2011 Ohio's best amateur comedian contest (Funny Stop Comedy Club) and an appearance on The View as a finalist for America's Funniest Teacher.  Marty is on Facebook, on twitter @Drexxineffect, and also visit his website:

Jon Hofener is a standup comic living and performing in Cleveland, OH. He co-hosted and produced the comedy podcast Good Talk with Jon and Emily, and currently co-runs Dead Duck Comedy, a weekly show at Duck Island Club in Ohio City.

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