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Season 1, Episode 16

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The Professor shares one of his pet peeves with the students: is noon 12am or 12pm??? The correct answer may surprise and annoy you! If hard questions make you “thor” how will hard questions about Thor make you feel? And what do these students know about the most famous painting of all time, including “What is the most famous painting of all time?” Based on their answers to these and other questions, one of these students is sure to win the coveted classroom prize, the Golden Banana.

Our students in this episode are:

Tony Adamanshik has been seen in the '13 and '14 World Series of Comedy; 2013 winner of the Indianapolis Festival Contest; a regular host and emcee at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase.

Chris Tiefel Performed all over the midwest and a regular on the Andrew Z in the Morning radio show. 
Find Chris on Facebook at
 and onTwitter: @funnymantiefel

Aaron Kozbial is also known as The Professor of Comedy. Aaron is a
stand-up comedian and on the road scholar who performs his uniquely clever and intelligent brand of comedy at colleges and clubs around the Midwest; called "One of the most original comedians I've seen" by Louie Anderson. Look for him at and on Facebook at

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