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Season 1, Episode 15

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The only thing scarier than zombies is test questions about zombies.  And the only thing scarier than test questions about zombies is students who don’t even know basic traffic laws.  Do you know why traffic signs are colored the way they are??  Hmmmm?  Well, do you?  Well, find out if any of today’s students do, too, and if any of them will get a grade high enough to earn them the coveted classroom prize, the Golden Banana.

Our students in this episode are:

Steve Sabo is a veteran comedian known as the caffeinated voice of reason for his aggressive and honest approach to comedy. (

Aaron Pearl is a philosophy professor who also does stand up comedy in the Cleveland area.

Eddie Werner is an educator with expertise in 4H training that he shares with comedy audiences.  His opinion of technology is like that of a Mexican Bandit, “We don’t need no stinkin internet!”

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