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Season 1, Episode 14

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In this quiz we will find out what you know about the time of dinosaurs.  Hopefully more than these students do!  Also, do you have any idea how much junk is in orbit around our precious blue orb??  If not, you won’t be getting a very good grade.  Listen to these eager young learners as they compete for the coveted classroom prize The Golden Banana.

Our students in this episode are:

Emily McManus is the editor of, where she's helped more than 1,600 TED Talk videos connect with 1.5 billion viewers.

Jeff Head is food delivery specialist and painter based in Toledo, Ohio.

Jeff Gedert is a Tokyo-based translator, voice actor, musician, audio engineer, computer programmer, skeptic, backseat anthropologist, low-gear polymath, and presently, reluctant autobiographer.  He is also assistant producer for Goldstar Classroom as well as composer and producer of our original music.

Steven Gutierrez is co-producer of Goldstar Classroom and is also an Assistant Professor of Integrated Arts at Lake Erie College.  You can learn more about his work at (

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