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Season 1, Episode 11

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Some people think TV dumbs people down, but in this class we will use TV to smart people up. Do you know when the first color Television show was broadcast? These students also learn how grimy their homes are, and which surfaces in your house have the most germs. Its not disgusting if it is true! When all the questions have been asked, and all of the silences have been filled, which student will receive the coveted classroom prize, the Golden Banana???

Chris McVetta is a comedian, writer and alumni of The Second City from Cleveland, Ohio. Tweet him at

Cami Blanchard-Harkless is the Director of Equine Studies Recruitment at Lake Erie College and part time comedian.

John Bruton does radio and comedy in the North East Ohio area.

Gaz is most famous for his hilarious Halloween costumes, outrageous St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, and doing comedy across the far reaches of Ohio and beyond.

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