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Season 1, Episode 1 (pilot)

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We would like to introduce you to the first episode of this fun new podcast.  Our goal is to combine edutaining trivia and facts with comedy and wit.  In this first installment our students struggle with topics such as Human Sexuality, the American Civil War, and the meaning of the proverb “Hoist on your own petard.”  Also, what exactly is a hoochie coochie?  Who invented the pogo?

Our students in this episode are:

Deborah Schulman, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Biology in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Lake Erie College and
Managing Editor for Bio Research Editing (

Brandon Stroud is an experimental Performance Artist and Poet from Cleveland, Ohio. He says, "Don't think inside the box, don't think outside the box, think, there is NO BOX."  See more about his work at

Steven Gutierrez is co-producer of Goldstar Classroom and is also an Assistant Professor of Integrated Arts at Lake Erie College.  You can learn more about his work at


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